July Specialty 2015

In July, we have another specialty at NRG Stadium: World Series of Dog Shows. This specialty brings English Setters from many parts of the United States and is a pleasure to watch. We like to take the time to educate the public through the use of “Meet the Breed” at these shows. The schedule is usually posted closer to show time on the NRG World Series of Dog Shows site. If you would like to try your hand at conformation and/or agility/obedience, you can sign up for these shows at the Jack Onofrio website. There are many fantastic vendors and AKC sets up an area named, “My dog can do that!” to encourage prospective individuals to participate in AKC activities. Our specialty is usually held on Thursday of that week. So come out and join us!

Conroe Specialty 2015

Now that the LSESC Specialty at NRG stadium is behind us, we are now looking ahead to our Specialty at the Conroe shows on November 27. Conroe Kennel Club is also sponsoring all-breed shows Nov. 28-29th.  The show closes on November 11th at noon on the Onofrio website!

The following judges will be joining us for a fun day: judging Sweepstakes is Lee Wright and our Specialty judge is Dr. Steve Keating. Saturday’s judge is Ms. Shelley Hennessy and Sunday’s judge is Ms. Judy Webb.

Our trophy committee decided to offer unique trophies this year and they are going to be amazing! As soon as I have more information, I will post it here.


Come out and join us for some fun! We hope to see you there and would love for you to take one of those amazing trophies home with you -along with the fun times and memories!