Ethics Code


I understand that membership in the Lone Star English Setter Club (LSESC) is a pledge of sportsmanship, ethics, responsibility; and that as a member:

I am the caretaker not only of the individual dog but of the reputation and welfare of the breed as a whole.

It is my responsibility to educate the public, to explain, define, and protect the breed.

It is incumbent upon me to set the example of each dog being individually cherished but only the physically and temperamentally sound being bred. Breeding should only take place between OFA and BAER certified stock. This is the responsibility of both the bitch and stud dog owner.

I accept the premise that if I breed a litter those dogs’ welfare is my responsibility through their lifetime. I will not supply puppies or adult dogs to auctions, raffles, wholesale buyers/sellers, puppy mills or other questionable breeders. Quality is to be the goal in breeding, not quantity.

My conduct and actions in the sport should reflect positively upon the LSESC and other fanciers of the breed.

I will volunteer my time and talents in LSESC events and endeavors.

I will encourage the novice, guide the beginner, and school the student while myself seeking to exhibit the friendly sportsmanship that befits this gentleman’s breed.

Adopted February 4, 1999