Dues & Fees


Membership in the Lone Star English Setter Club requires that all potential members applying for Membership in the club fill out the Membership Enrollment Application. All members must agree to abide by the club Constitution, Bylaws, policies and Code of Ethics. The Membership Enrollment Application must be mailed along with your check or money order (made out to the Lone Star English Setter  Club) to the Lone Star English Setter Club Membership Secretary. Dues

Currently Lone Star English Setter Club has three categories of dues.

Individual Member
An Individual Member is classified as a single adult 18 years or older.

Household Members
A Household Membership is classified as a two adults 18 years or older
residing under the same roof at the same address and
includes any children under the age of 18 years old.



From time to time the club will request fee donations to help raise money for club sponsored events, Award Trophies, Ribbons etc. These requests-  although not mandatory- help to offset some of the costs associated with  putting on events.