Membership Requirements

In order to be a member:
The membership requirements for the Lone Star English Setter Club are quite  simple. You must read the club’s Code of Ethics, Constitution, Policies and  Bylaws and agree to them. You must fill out the Membership Application form  and mail it with your check or money order to the Membership Secretary along with the signature endorsements of two LSESC member’s whose membership is in good standing.

Membership vote:
Once the Secretary receives your Membership Application, he/she will check to make sure that all of the information has been filled out. If anything is missing the application and check will be returned. If everything is in order your application information will be published in the formal meeting notice and entered into the club record at the next club meeting.

Your application will then be voted on at the following meeting by the members in attendance. The process can take several months depending on the frequency of club meetings.

In good standing:
In order to maintain your membership in good standing, you must comply with  the club bylaws, code of ethics and abide by the constitution and policies along with keeping your membership dues paid up on time.