Article IX

A) Membership Dues/Subscriptions:

                     Individual Membership – $10.00
                     Family Membership – $15.00
  Junior Membership – Free

B) New member dues paid on or after October 1, will be carried over to the following year.

C) In order to be in good standing, a member must attend at least one meeting per fiscal year.

D) All officers of the Lone Star English Setter Club must be members of the English Setter Association of America.

E) The club will accept advertising in the newsletter. The Newsletter Editor will screen all ads for content and   appropriateness. If the editor has any doubts about an ad, he or she will ask the Board for approval.

F) Workers at our field events will be fed free of charge. The field chairperson will provide meal passes to workers at his or her discretion.

G) The Lone Star English Setter Club will make the following annual contributions to the English Setter Association of America:

                    •  National Catalog Ad – $50.00
                    •  National Trophy Fund – $50.00
                    •  National Raffle – $25.00

H) The Club is an Association based upon the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act. Any changes will be reported to the Texas Secretary of State and any fees will be paid as required by the act.

I) LSESC will only support and work with rescue groups that have a written policy in their by-laws to make a good faith effort to contact known breeders/owners when a dog they bred or own enters their rescue program. Said rescue groups must also give right of first refusal of the dog to known breeders and/or owners.