Buttercup, Bermuda (Oxalis cernus)



(Oxalis cernus) 

Bermuda-ButtercupBermuda Butter Cup Flower

Oxalis pes-caprae (Bermuda buttercup, African wood-sorrel, Bermuda sorrel, Buttercup oxalis, Cape sorrel, English weed, Goat’s-foot, Sourgrass, Soursob and Soursop) is a species of tristylous flowering plant in the wood sorrel family Oxalidaceae. Oxalis cernua is a less common synonym for this species.

Bermuda buttercup is a highly invasive weed in many parts of the world including the United States (particularly coastal California), Europe, Israel and Australia. It is often called by the common name sourgrass or soursob due to its pleasant sour flavor.

Toxic Principle:
The toxic principle of this plant is oxalic acid. In very large amounts, oxalic acid may be considered slightly toxic, interfering with proper digestion and kidney function. The leaves are considered toxic.

Poisoning Symptoms include:
This toxic in large quantities and may contribute to kidney stones in Humans. Could have adverse effects on Dogs.


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