Potato (disambiguation)


Potato-plantsPotato plant leaves

Potatoes are a plant that produces a starchy edible tubers, today they are commonly grown in garden and as landscape plants. potatoes are a close relative of the perennial nightshade. Potatoes appear in many sizes, shapes and color ranging from white, red yellow, to purple in color and in size from about a golfball to a softball just more oval in shape.
Wild potato species can be found throughout the Americas from the United States down to Chile.

PotatoesA variety of Potatoes or Spuds

Indigenous to the Andies, they were introduced through the world some four centuries ago and have become a staple food crop of much of the world.

Conditions of Poisoning:
Ingestion of leaves, stems, sprouts, fruits/green un-rippened potatoes since these have the highest concentration of the toxic compounds.

Toxic Principle:
Glycoalkaloids the most prevalent are solanine and chaconine. Solanine is also found in plants such as deadly nightshade, henbane, tobacco, as well as eggplant, and tomato. this toxin affects the nervous system and causes weakness and confusion.

Clinical Symptoms:
Reactions to ingestion of this plant can include  Diarrhea, hallucinations, weakness and confusion. in sever cases coma and death: Mold damaged plants can cause respiratory distress in livestock.


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